Dir. Yorgos Lanthimos

The Lobster
Dir. Yorgos Lanthimos on the set of “The Lobster.” ©A24 Films.

Name: Yorgos Lanthimos
Born: May 27, 1973
Active: 2001 – Present
Style: Poetic | Auteur
Dir. Score: 9.25 / 10 (A+)

Yorgos Lanthimos is an Academy Award nominated Greek Cinema director. He was born in Athens, Greece and has spent most of his career working within Greece.

Since the 1990s Lanthimos has flexed his directing muscles on various music videos, TV commercials, short films and has directed several theatre productions, but he is best known for the writing and directing his experimental feature films (Greek New Wave).

As of late, Lanthimos is shifting his filmmaking to English language based films, moving out of the continental-European and international film circuit.

Upcoming Films

TBA | “The Favourite”
[Pre-Production] A film on the life of Queen Anne of Great Britain.

2017 (Slated) | “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”
[Post-Production] A story about a teenage boy who attempts to craft a familial bond with a brilliant surgeon, bringing him into his very dysfunctional family and it taking a very disastrous turn.

Feature Films

2015 | The Lobster
Lanthimos’s latest original film, “The Lobster” (2015), has us confronting love. It is a truly ‘unconventional love story’ set in a dystopian society where people who are not in a relationship must choose to transform into an animal and be released back into nature. If they don’t, they live a life on the run and must choose to never love again. This is Lanthimos’s critique of online dating, modern love and the pains associated with human condition. This is also Lanthomos’ first English language film.

  • Cannes Film Festival
    – Jury Prize
    – Queer Palm (Special Mention)
    – Competed for the Palme d’Or
    – Nominated for Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film
  • British Independent Film Awards
    – Best Supporting Actress (Olivia Colman)
  • European Film Awards
    – Best Screenplay
    – Best Costume Design
  • Miami International Film Festival
    – Best Director
  • Online Film Critics Society
    – Award for Best Non-U.S Films
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival
    – ARTE International Award 

2011 | Alps (‘Αλπεις)
“Alps” (2012) follows a small group of counselors called the Alps, each member is named after a mountain. The Alps are hired to stand in for the deceased loved ones of the bereaved, role-playing as the departed. “Alps” takes viewers on a journey of emotional identity and again critiques human idiosyncrasy, but more so in the way in which we respond to others’ eccentricities.

  • Sarasota Film Festival
    – Special Jury Prize
  • Sydney Film Festival
    – Best Film
  • Venice International Film Festival
    – Osella for Best Screenplay

2009 | Dogtooth (Κυνόδοντας)
“Dogtooth” (2009), is an Academy Award nominated film where puritanical parents confine their three adolescent children to an induced and edited world of bitter isolation. With this, Lanthimos creates a sharp critique of homeschooling and excessive parenting, typical of the cultish religious.

  • Academy Award Nominee
    – Best Foreign Film
  • Cannes Film Festival
    – Un Certain Regard Prize
    – Prix de la Jeunesse
    – Award of the Youth
  • Dublin Film Critics Circle Awards
    – Best Director
  • Estoril International Festival, Portugal
    – Great Award
  • Greek Film Academy Awards, Athens, Greece
    – Best Film
    – Best Director
    – Best Script
    – Best Actor in a Supporting Role
    – Best Film Editing
  • Ljubljana Film Festival
    – Kingfisher Award
  • Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival
    – Young Audience Award
  • Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema
    – Louve d’Or
  • RiverRun International Film Festival (Winston – Salem, NC), U.S.A
    – Best Director
  • Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    – In Competition for Feature Film
    – The Special Jury Award
    – Heart of Sarajevo for Best Actress (Aggeliki Papoulia, Mary Tsoni)
  • SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival
    – Best Motion Picture Fantastic
    – Young Jury Award
    – Citizen Kane Award for Best New Director
  • Stockholm International Film Festival, Sweden
    – The Bronze Horse Award for Best Film

2005 | Kinetta
Lanthimos’s first full-length film (with full directing credit), “Kinetta” (2005), takes viewers to a decrepit Greek resort where a damaged troika ritualistically re-stages a femicidal serial killer’s crime scenes. “Kinetta’s” characters are distant, taciturn and seemingly sleepwalk through a world over encumbered by boredom, yet full of human idiosyncrasies. “Kinetta” is Lanthimos’s exposé on fleeting affections and the omnipresence of human loneliness.

  • Berlinale Berlin International Film Festival
    – Forum of New Cinema
  • Film Society Lincoln Center
    – Film Comment ‘Selects’
  • Harvard Film Archive
    – ‘New Films From Europe’
  • Los Angeles International Film Festival
    – Screened
  • Thessaloniki Film Festival
    – International Competition
  • (TIFF) Toronto International Film Festival
    – ‘Discovery’

2001 | “My Best Friend” (O kalyteros mou filos)
Lanthimos shares a co-director credit with Lakis Lazopoulos. “My Best Friend” is an erotic-comedy about two men, who have been friends since childhood, that is until one of them is caught in bed with the others wife.

Short Films

2001 | “Uranisco Disco”
Uranisco Disco is a short film (roughly 14 minutes) by Lanthimos. This film is about a director and producer of erotic films and his mistress, who is a wannabe a singer as they make a porn-musical.

Theatre Productions

2002 | “Δ.Δ.Δ.” (D.D.D) by Dimitris Dimitriadis, Theatro tou Notou
2004 | “Blaubart” by Dea Loher, Theatro Porta
2008 | “Natura morta in un fosso” by Fausto Paravidino, Theatro tou Notou
2011 | “Platonov” by Anton Chekhov, National Theatre of Greece

Yorgos Lanthimos
Official Site of The Lobster


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